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Michele Nasoni



" Nothing happens unless it is preceded by a dream ".


My dream is to transport you emotionally with wine. Tales, anecdotes and stories. Memories. Distant memories. Wine, a sensory journey, from inside. History, culture, civilization, tradition and progress. Flavors and fragrances. Sensations. EMOTIONS.


I will suffer ... I will die ...

but in the meantime

sun, wind, wine, trallallà.

Misa Sapego



The passions, the real ones, you can ignore them,  not think about them, and you may even believe that you have forgotten them, but they will always come back to look for you.


This is exactly what happened to me with the world of wine.


What smolderd for a long time has now become a burning flame. What used to be just my private dream is now a public blog.


If you are looking for information on what a wine offers you, this is not the blog for you. If you are looking for reviews on super, mega, ultra popular labels, look for a more dedicated blog. The cellar that I am building does not look at the value of each bottle, but at the values ​​that are inside each bottle. Values ​​that are: tradition, territory, family, honesty and  passion. Stories of wine, but above all stories of life, of people, history and culture, myths and legends. Knowing who makes the wine is as important as tasting that wine itself. You will hardly ever hear me talk about cherries in alcohol, rather than leather, licorice or vanilla, while instead I will tell you about the passion that Gemma puts into continuing the tradition of her grandparents, about the emotion of Luciano who called his wine with the name of his grandfather from which everything was born, of Pietro who despite every commercial alarm continues to make his wine as they did 5 generations ago. For me, these are the things that give true value to a wine, and inside the wine, believe me, you can feel them!




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