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If you too think that today the world is full of appearances, superficial attractions, virtual and artificial realities, overwhelming commercial references and you are looking instead for something authentic, original, true and sincere, hidden and ancient, rare and precious, then you are like me and this is the right place to find it.


If you want to evade the clamor and speed of modern life, if you are escaping the noisy din or the background buzz that fogs, anesthetizes and conforms everything then you too are like me.


If you are looking for something that is just for you or really, for whoever you want, personal, intimate, profound, sensational and exciting, unique and reserved experiences among vineyards and cellars, tradition, history, culture, stories, anecdotes, myths and legends inside the chalice, then you are the Welcome of drinkers!


Welcome to #vadovetiportailnaso !







Let your sensory experience leave the usual channels and rediscover the most genuine and original smells and flavors of the typical Tuscan tradition, that of eating and drinking in the most characteristic, mystical and secret of places.



You choose where to go and wherever, you will be able to enjoy the truest and most authentic Tuscany, that most hidden, mysterious and confidential of places that knows how to whisper sweet words in your ear and then triumphantly explode in all its beauty.







offers you all this:

  • I known personally all  places and wineries you will visit

  • During every visit to the cellars, there will be the presence of the oenologist or the owner.

  • You can choose ,if you wish, to be accompanied by me on your tour

  • You have the opportunity of uncorking rare and unobtainable bottles and make  unique tastings

  • Traditional food will always be served to accompany  each tasting

  • you will visit an authentic Tuscany with an authentic Tuscan and see places that are unknown and hardly accessible

  • #guaranteed by @nasodvino


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