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#vadovetiportailnaso was born from the idea of sharing with anyone who wants and likes emotions, that only certain places,  wineries and wines are able to give.
A true Tuscan,a  sommelier since 2010, I started in 2016 to tell of my adventures among bottles, cellars and vineyards in my blog. In my own way, through stories, tales, anecdotes, myths and legends. Everywhere, but  particularly in Tuscany , wine has such deep roots as to merge and be as one, with art, history, culture and tradition. All framed by some of the most unique landscapes in the world.
The usual channels of wine tourism take you to visit the great wineries, the big names,or maybe to visit the most famous and well-known areas that by now have often become very commercial and touristy.
There are many specialized websites that offer or propose very standardized visits and tastings and consequently, experiences often built and rebuilt only for tourist purposes.
#vadovetiportailnaso wants you to discover the most hidden Tuscany, the truest and most authentic one, through visits to the most original and exclusive wineries, giving you the opportunity to taste unobtainable wines and live unique experiences in characteristic and traditional places.
You will also have the opportunity to visit large and historic cellars, but wherever you do, it will always be in the presence of the owner that, in addition to telling you their real, behind the scenes story, will open up special rooms and uncork for you  unique bottles.
Would you like to do a wine tasting in an Etruscan tomb closed to the public? Maybe taste the wine from the barrels kept among Etruscan remains? Perhaps in a Renaissance room frescoed by famous painters of that period, or accompanied by statues of important sculptors?
Or do you prefer a picnic in the vineyard, a carriage or horseback ride through the vineyards. Would you like to actively participate in a grape harvest, or maybe pruning or other winery activities?
Would you like to sleep in a renovated ruin in the middle of a vineyard? Or enjoy a nice Florentine(T-bone steak), or a cacciucco(tuscan fish soup...more fish than soup) or pici all'aglione(typical tuscan pasta recipe) as per tradition?
Are you a wine lover? A connoisseur?
How about having the opportunity to try tasting verticals (the same wine from different vintages) up to 90 years back. Yes, to drink a wine from the 1930s maybe and compare it with his most recent grandson.
Or again, taste the best Sangiovese di Toscana, a Brunello with a Nobile, a Chianti Classico, a Carmignano, an IGT. Or a super Tuscan from Bolgheri with his French cousins.
Do you prefer a duel to the death between a Brunello VS Barolo?
These are just some of the thousands of opportunities that you can have for this reason there are no pre-packaged packages, but if you contact me, together we will create your dream enotour, a unique and private experience especially for you, your personal sensory journey.
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