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The Wachau: An adventure among vineyards and aromas by Gruner Veltliner

The Wachau: An adventure among the vineyards and aromas of Gruner Veltliner... and more!

heroic vineyards in the wachau
vineyards in the Wachau

Today I want to tell you about one of the most incredible experiences I had among the vineyards and cellars of the Wachau.

I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the magic of this Austrian wine region and to explore the unique characteristics of Gruner Veltliner (and more) in a truly exciting way.

The first thing that strikes you in the Wachau is the enchanting atmosphere that envelops the vineyards. The terraced hills extend as far as the eye can see and the vines climb proudly, kissing the sun that illuminates the Danube which flows calmly. It is a postcard setting, but much more exciting when you are there, surrounded by the smell of the earth and the promises of grapes that will be transformed into extraordinary wines.

sommelier with bottle in cellar
weingut Nikolaihof

The Gruner Veltliner is like an eccentric character in a great story. It's fresh, lively and has that hint of pepper that makes it unforgettable. I savored its fruity aroma, felt its playful acidity on the palate and enjoyed its complex structure. It is a sensory journey that starts from the nose and extends through every taste bud.

In more than one cellar, I had the opportunity to taste an aged Gruner Veltliner, an experience that made my passion for wine vibrate. The light hint of honey and the depth of the aromas made me understand why this wine is considered the jewel of the Wachau.

WINZER KREMS the "family" cooperative

Explore the vineyards and cellars of WINZER KREMS was a thrilling adventure in the heart of the Wachau.

This cooperative is more than a place to produce extraordinary wines; is a community of passionate winemakers who transform the history of the terroir into every sip.

The Gruner Veltliner, flagship of WINZER KREMS, dances on the palate with fruity notes and a touch of pepper, while the Riesling is a poem of freshness and minerality.

The visit to the cellars revealed a unique balance between tradition and innovation. WINZER KREMS is not just wine, it is a compelling tale of Wachau, written with passion and flavour.

Exploring the Art of Terroir with Weingut Zohrer: The Mosaic of Tastes of Gruner Veltliner

I immersed myself, or rather dived, into the fascinating world of Weingut Zohrer.

Here, every sip of Gruner Veltliner is like a chapter written by the terroir itself. These vineyards are true artists, painting a unique palette of aromas with expert brushstrokes of earth.

Notes of ripe fruit emerge from the richer soils, while the vineyards on more mineral soils offer freshness and purity. Each Gruner is a tale of the different lives led under the Austrian sun.

Weingut Zohrer has captured the soul of each soil, creating an orchestra of dancing wines on the palate, a hymn to terroir in every drop.

A unique journey through taste, signed by Zohrer.

Alexander Zoller : Wines that Speak the Language of Creative Madness

Alexander Zoller is an insanely unique chapter in my wine and journalism history.

Alexander is not just a winemaker, he is a visionary artist. His madness mixes with grape juice, and his wines tell stories that only an eccentric soul like his can create.

Zoller is multifaceted, a painter of flavors who explodes the notion of "natural". His wines are expressions of freedom, wild dances of native Neuburger. Each sip is a symphony of fresh fruit, unusual florals and a hint of genius.

His "natural" philosophy it is a rebellion against the conventional. Neuburger, his native muse, is a note of Austrian pride that embraces the earth with unique character.

At Zoller, wine is an artistic statement. Each bottle is an affirmation of his free spirit, and each sip is a journey into a world where creativity challenges the norm.

A toast to Zoller, to the art of being a little crazy and very ingenious in the language of wine.

Hermann Moser : A Journey into the Hidden Treasures of Wine

His cellar, an old Cold War bunker, is a unique experience.

Hermann Moser, generous guardian of this treasure, offered me an unforgettable tasting .

Among the native wines, a < strong>Saint Laurent of 1979 was the protagonist, a tribute to Magda Raimondo, my inseparable, precious and competent companion wine-adventures. Each sip told a story of passion, dedication and respect for tradition.

Hermann Moser not only produces extraordinary wines, but opens the doors to a world underground of wine emotions.

A journey that goes beyond the palate, it is an adventure in the heart of Hermann Moser and its oenological treasures.

My latest wine discovery was like a journey into the future of wine:

Their bold vision to create resonant reds in Austria is an ode to foresight, especially in an era of climate change. We did the tasting outdoors at the end of October, admiring the sunset with our shirtsleeves rolled up. At those latitudes, a good snowfall wouldn't have been so strange.

In a context where global warming challenges winemaking traditions, the decision of Wandraschek to be pioneers in producing powerful reds is a brilliant move.

They want to be the only ones to blaze this path and they do it with a healthy madness that evokes the spirit of Steve Jobs in the world of technology.

The Weinmanufaktur is more than a cellar, it is a laboratory of wine innovation. Every sip of their reds is a declaration of originality and courage.

A toast to Wandraschek weinmanifaktur, where passion becomes avant-garde in the world of Austrian wine.

But Wachau is not just wine.

It's also laughter with friends during a picnic among the vineyards, it's the sound of leaves whispering in the wind and it's the magic of a sunset that colors the sky with indescribable shades.

I guarantee it will be an experience you won't easily forget.

Cheers and... #vadovetiportailnaso !

Special thanks to Christina Moser who organized this splendid wine adventure with his heart!

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