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Vernaccia from Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara.

No, I didn't want to write lustful, just lust and I repeat.

Lustful is an adjective referring to the one who is dominated by the vice of lust or is a lover of pomp.

This Vernaccia, on the other hand, is itself lust, it is itself splendor and abundance.

But I warn you immediately, and a more or less unconscious navigator, there are two cases.

If you are a supporter / fan / follower of professional and rigid winemaking dogmas acclaimed by self-styled sommeliers who require you to describe a wine with a high-sounding and repetitive: "Wears a straw yellow mantle with golden reflections ...", you are not in the right blog. I suggest, in order to prevent your chair from wildly wobbling , at least, to skip the next part and go directly to the part after the video where you can eat your daily ration of accurate organoleptic descriptions.

As if it were "antane ..."

If instead you like improvisation, fantasy, being surprised and taken, then who knows, maybe you will not agree with the substance,but for sure you will have an alternative and far from orthodox vision, perhaps a little dangerous and certainly daring, of wine and Vernaccia. Take your mind off and fill the glass, if it's better with Vernaccia, take a good sip, or rather two, let's make it three, thats better.

Welcome drinkers among us others "... carnal sinners, who reason with talent" cit. Inferno canto V, group of the lustful.

And the connection between Dante and Vernaccia is always a must, since he too explicitly mentions it in the XXIV canto of the Purgatory, "... the eels of Bolsena and Vernaccia".

To better understand why lust it is, let us get rid of, for a moment only of old catechized misgivings that connect it and condemn it to one of the seven deadly sins, let's eradicate it from the Catholic definition linked to sex and define it from a more secular point of view. , archaic, original and extensive. D'Annunzianamente speaking "Five fingers, five sins" and we enter the vibrational harmony of Vernaccia herself and her "Tuscan attitude" trying to be irreverent and goliardic, but at the same time joyful and light-hearted.

Remember the film "my friends"? Here, that is exactly the emotional and excitable frequency. Instagram hashtagized in #vernacciamood.

It is lust meant as abandonment to one's passions without the control of reason or "false" morality, it is the means through which to achieve pleasure. It is pleasure itself.

It is uncontrolled sensuality, obsessive desire, extreme passion.

It is excess, glitz, abundance.

Vernaccia in its most opulent, important and elevated expression can be all this. In its excellence it is passion and absolute pleasure and the Albereta of Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara in its best years embodies exactly this sublimity.

The “l'albereta” is liquid lust.

Virgilio was not with me, but Sara_thewinelinker was and much better, and to welcome us we did not find Minos but Giampiero, once again much better!

Giampiero with his off-road vehicle that took us to the fields on the vineyard and among the olive trees, from one side of San Gimignano to the other, telling us the story of the company, the land, the vines and how their wine is born.

And then onto the cellar with tastings from the Vernaccie barrels as it is.

And they will be a great drink.

And then to "La locanda dei Logi" in the ancient village of San Donato, near the Via Francigena, in a renovated Romanesque church, where you can breathe the Middle Ages and there is no more a suggestive setting where you can taste Vernaccia wine more than every other wine that represents and is imbued with "medievalism".

There are three vernacias of "Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara", and I have proudly tasted all three together with some reds, but I will only tell you about two, the "Selvabianca" and the "dell'Albereta" because they represent expressive opposites of this wine and why the other, "Campo della pieve" will be an excuse and reason to return to Giampiero.

Years ago, I described and defined Vernaccia as "female among males" and recently the same consortium of Vernaccia di San Gimignano has reclassified the concept elevating it to "queen among kings", the fact is that female is and female remains and as such I will continue to think of it.

Selvabianca (2019) is that teenage girl you met at the sea many years ago who made you lose your head, sunny, spontaneous, fresh, lively, smiling to whom you could only give an innocent kiss, in its manner but not in intention, and which every now and then you happen to remember

even now as a carefree, independent and light moment and still give you a shy smile.

Juicy white flesh fruit, pear, lychee, apple with refreshing notes of aromatic and slightly citrusy herbs. Pleasantly savory, like those still wet lips.

Linguine with seafood.

That girl has become a woman by now, even her forms are no longer immature but grown up. Softer and more generous. Life, years, experiences and children inevitably shape you. The shameless shyness has turned into conscious malice. It does not matter if the English speakers would define her otherwise (La Vernaccia is a Milf), for us she is a beautiful woman who knows she is and when she smiles that freshness and that radiance still shines again, illuminating it in all its complexity. Here the kiss is only the prelude to a lustful embrace.

The albereta (2017) is aged in oak barrels, its fruit is yellow and ripe, golden drop plums and yellow peaches enriched with notes of acacia honey and toasted dried fruit supported by balsamic hints of laurel and offinal herbs . A complete taste, totally satisfying and enveloping, fresh and endless. Gorgeous liquid lust.

And again that precise and unmistakable salt on his lips.

Baked pheasant with potatoes.

Thanks Giampiero for the warm welcome and the wonderful availability!

I'll come back!

(When you have the classic ancestral method ready, give me a whistle ...)

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