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" I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have always stayed with me and changed my ideas. They have passed through time and through me, like wine through water and have altered the color of my mind." Cit. Emily Bronte. In this quote I find the pleasure of recounting an encounter with a narrator of Bacchus, so I want to define it, because the wine listened to through the words of Michele Nasoni does not just tell about flavors and landscapes, but gives emotions and places that take shape in our mind. Michele Nasoni has been able to accompany us on a journey towards the poetic world of wine in an original and fascinating way. By reading alone he was able to evoke sublime thoughts such as passion, which great poets possess for wine. " Angela Label

" I think Michele has caught my seeming grumpy at first sight, many reproach me, which is just an impression and it is a pleasure to be melted and told over a glass of wine! !! Luciano Ciolfi - Sanlorenzo Montalcino

" Wineblogger by chance, sommelier by passion, Michele Nasoni tells the emotion of his world of wine between history, art, culture, tradition and love. With his unique, original and sometimes irreverent style, he takes us with him between wineries, people and bottles, in a fantastic journey between myth and reality that you wish would never end. " Agu Boes - sommelier_on_a_mission_

" When in January 2018 I made my first post on instagram I never thought about how many surprises this social network would have reserved for me. We born in the early sixties have always been refractory to these means of communication, we are not the generation of the technological revolution, we do it is difficult to understand, we are slow, we did not play with computers and its derivatives. Our games were toy cars and toy soldiers, first tin, then as teenagers came plastic. I entered a world I did not know, which would have me made to discover wonderful people, with some of whom I would have become friends. Serious, prepared, passionate and passionate people, who moved by the love of wine, winelovers comes to mind later, they combined wine preparation, ability to describe, to tell wine, but above all what was behind the wine. A real communicative revolution, not linked to a precise and technical organoleptic description of a bottle, the technical data of the company, its size, pedoclimatic conditions, but much more. The article that Michele wrote in my Capezzana is a sensory experience, which takes you on an emotional journey through time. The ability to combine photographic material, films with the whole story, drags you with him to experience the emotion of the moment. It describes the wine and what is behind a bottle, the places, the faces, the hands that helped to make it. A modern story that starting from a simple post, very well done, makes you enter a blog, where you can deepen your knowledge on the subject even with video material, with images, sounds, music and captions that kidnap you in the story. You feel like you are a child again and your mother would tell you a fairy tale before going to sleep. Thanks then, a good one, like you write. Certainly there will be no lack of new opportunities to meet . " Filippo Contini Bonacossi - Tenuta di Capezzana

" Naso DVino ... a nose that has inherent divinity, or, much more likely, knowing the character in question, a Nose of Wine, a nose that" smells "of wine, that looks for it and finds it often and that with it he delights in the passion dearest to him, most intense - I presume - which is that for the nectar of the Gods, the land from which it comes and a story that wine can tell through the words of the producer and the sacred liquid it finds inside the glass. Michele is not the simple, superficial, boring and banal self-appointed "wine influencer" like the many who populate the world of the web. NO, he is NasoDVino, a passionate sommelier and lover of good drinking who talks about his raids through the vineyards with his own style, winning the sympathy and esteem of the winemakers he visits. With him I had the good fortune and the great pleasure of sharing intense and fun days, united by the great, pure and immense passion that we keeps glued around give a glass of wine. Naso brings us to know wine realities from his point of view, a little romantic, a little artistic, a little poetic, a little ironic and, why not, even a little irreverent at times. This collection of experiences encompasses his entire journey as a connoisseur and discoverer, never satiated and curious, and I hope he will never stop, because wine is sharing and continuing to read his stories can only make us smile once more and bring us to know magical places, as only wine can give. Thanks Michele! "Sara Cintelli - sara_thewinelinker

" Passionate eno-adventures, filtered from the pen of NasoDVino with originality, irony and emotional intelligence " Fiocchi Francesca - winestopandgo

"... I taste wine a lot for balance and harmony and I like this. Period. ... Not the dream of eternal life, it is impossible even the wine dies, but the wine that ages for a long time is the wine that we all admire. " Paolo De Marchi - Isole and Olena

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