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Mother's Day


If you are here, most likely, it means that you have a Winelover Mum to whom you want to make an unforgettable gift for her party.

Before looking at what to give you know that:

  1. Even just the thought (perhaps if strengthened by a hug and a kiss) will be more than enough to make her move.

  2. If you add a flower, even if from the field (in this period there are many also nice ones) or even a rose plucked from the neighbor's hedge, you will make it rise one meter above the ground.

  3. however, know that a true winelover mother in front of a good bottle of wine can never contain her happiness

  4. but if after reading points 1,2,3 you still want to give her an unforgettable gift that will make you your favorite son in her eyes even if you have just introduced her to the umpteenth new daughter-in-law, here, only in this case then, look below the TOP 14 (click on the photos or description for details)


Zuo Bao Wine Themed Jewelery for Women, Wine Glass Necklace with Heart Drawn on Top, Stainless Steel, Nice Gift for Wine Lovers


Pulltex Aromi - Complete Set 40 WINE Aromas - Packaging in METAL GIFT BOX - Train Smell Sommelier

Screenshot_2020-05-06 FeatherWish - Cion

Le Nez du Vin: Le grand modèle [Italian version] (French) Paperback

Set in a very refined book-casket, 54 aromas of great quality come to life in your olfactory memory and find resonance in the great wines. 54 cards summarize the real link between aromas and wine. A complete book accompanies you by offering you various possibilities to practice and learn how to taste the best wines from all over the world.


In vino veritas: A coloring book for wine lovers (Italian)

Wine and a girls' night out. Wine and a good book. Wine and a nice warm bath. As they say ... wine goes with practically everything - as it should be!

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