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Format #vadovetiportailnaso Wine tour

The real luxury today, to which I truly value, is for me exclusivity, tradition, genuineness and authenticity. Being able to offer all this in a personal and sincere way is a huge added value.
This is what prompted me to create #vadovetiportailnaso wine tour , this is what I believe in.
If as a winery, you share everything including what I have summarized below in some fundamental point, we will be able to happily and profitably collaborate!
Minimum cellar visit standards:
  1. Welcome customers with a glass of wine and a nice smile
  2. Presence of the property or / and winemaker
  3. Particular experience
  4. "Customizable" tasting always with territorial combinations (cured meats / cheeses)
Both the experience in the vineyard, rather than in the cellar, and the subsequent tasting will be agreed in advance between us, so that they are something exclusive, particular and personal.
Likewise, you will set a price for your commitment which you will receive in advance.
On any bottle purchases from you I will not receive any commission or compensation, however customers will have a 10% discount coupon on that occasion.
For lunches, dinners, events, overnight stays and / or other services various from the vs. structure made available, the price will be agreed in advance and you will receive the balance of what is requested in advance.
#vadovetiportailnaso Wine tour
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