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Wineblogger? Wine not!

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"If I tell you something you forget it,

if I show it to you you may remember it,
if I tell you a story ... it's yours! "

F. Buffa



Wineblogger? Wine not!


And that's how I found myself writing my first book. Or rather this collection of experiences, tastings, emotions. More or less invented stories that have the sole purpose of arousing curiosity, interest and amazement for those who read them. That make you fall in love with wine by virtually extending the glass complete with a sphere of sensations, of the irrational, of intimacy. Passion, desire, excitement.


If you are a sommelier, dear colleague, you will surely notice that I do not dwell on too specific technical and organoleptic descriptions. It is my precise will not to do so. Not in this very personal and original way of talking about wine. However, you can find ideas, anecdotes, special topics to be developed by tasting  wine in the company of professionals. The famous meditation wines.


To you, lover of wine instead, or rather winelover, let's start using orthodox terms, I hope that the lightness with which many of my articles are written is not mistaken for superficiality. Believe me there is often a lot of study behind it, both to create the original content and because simplifying, without losing substance, even enhancing it, is anything but easy.


Anyone can write or talk about wine, just like any other subject. Dear wineblogger, I have chosen to talk about it by telling something about myself every time. Of mine. Familiarly. Speaking before that magical liquid  in the glass, makes me feel. Once again of sensations and emotions even before colors and aromas. Wine as an intimate and introspective experience. So unique. If you like my style, read this book, oops, collection of articles, you will be able to grasp and share some ideas, otherwise go ahead on your way, maybe you are among those that I read and follow with the most attention because they are able to give me always something more.


Before deciding to become a sommelier, I too was an unwitting drinker. When they told me, in this wine there is morello cherry, small black fruits, balsamic hints of Mediterranean scrub, and then leather and more tobacco, I nodded, drank, then nodded again, I drank again and then again. Pour some more as my glass was empty. In the end, I believed what I was told, but I had no way of denying or confirming. What I certainly knew was whether I liked the wine and how much. Whether it made me feel good or not. This is why I prefer to tell you why I define a Brunello as angels rather than sunset, or I define a Rococo wine, rather than heretical or irrational, or I allow myself to give Amarone the title of superb, or to combine a Barolo with the ninth symphony of Beethoven, or Champagne to the most seductive of women.


Stories, which, like wine, can communicate sensations and know how to arouse interest in all  .


I don't drink? What's abstemious? Ah… “a person weak, which yields to the temptation to deny herself a pleasure. " Cit. Quiet! There is a remedy for everything. Maybe reading this book makes you really want to taste a glass of wine. Wine not?


Have you seen Forrest Gump? I guess so. At some point he starts running, for no reason, first nobody notices it, then they start calling him retarded, then he starts one or two people following him, then he becomes a crowd, then he is hailed as a messiah. Then at a certain moment, always for no reason, he stops running. 


Here, this is for me to be a wineblogger.


A spiritual journey, or a journey within oneself, where the goal is not important, that is simply a consequence of walking, as much as each step, as each step is joy, happiness and sharing. With anyone who wants to be there.


If we replace walking with drinking and step with sip, the circle is closed!


Happy reading, good tasting!

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