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Noblesse oblige.

Noblesse oblige.

Being a Noble involves obligations and responsibilities.

Being a Nobile di Montepulciano certainly does not escape this axiom, this theory, this solid indestructible, enlightened rule as if carved in stone.

The notes of a Chopin nocturne vibrate from the strings of an 1860 Conrad Graf.


Time suddenly slows down, the heartbeat decelerates, brain waves begin their rem phase and yet the senses explode as if they have found their perfect form, as if they were empowered by this state of stillness and peace. As if they were created to extend, activate deeply, completely, at only these rhythms.

It really doesn't matter what century we are in now...

The rooms on the stately baroque floor are frescoed with unique perspective and optical effects, the Palace, unquestionably, shamelessly of Renaissance origins with cellars that have their roots where wine was once the work of the Etruscan god Fufluns.

It's all here..all now.

An open time portal that can never close, where the sensations and emotions experienced in the past merge with the present ones, amplifying and extending them to a higher level, internally profound and intimately intense.

Noblesse oblige here more than ever, here more than you would ever expect the Nobile di Montepulciano to honor and merit his secular fame.

Here more than ever, can you feel the power of tradition.

Here more than ever, for centuries the Contucci family has been producing and safekeeping it from practically before time, you expect it to amaze you with its typicality and its essence of noble wine, produced with noble grapes, for the nobles.

Meanwhile, the contemplative descent continues, and becomes meterphoric for the physical, real and concrete descent into the cellars.

Now, the nose and mouth claim their credit, their deserved reward so that the masterpiece can remain eternally and in its entirety.

That the bottles are uncorked, a deep breath ...

Andrea Contucci, what is wine for you?

"It's life, because it's the story of my family for 40 generations so it's like a family member who has accompanied us for a thousand years. The others are gone, but He's always remained ..."

And luckily it is still, and always in splendid shape, but above all, resisting fashions, trends and commercial alarms, it has kept the common thread with its past, with tradition.

Nobile di Montepulciano Contucci is 80% Prugnolo gentile (Sangiovese), 10% Canaiolo and 10% between Colorino and Mammolo in any version and is exclusively aged in large barrels made of fine wood.

In the 2015 vintage tasting of both the Vino nobile di Montepulciano, the two "crus" Mulinvecchio and Pietra Rossa and the Palazzo Contucci, conceived two years ago to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the historic residence with the best selection of grapes from the two crus.

In my still, dreaming mind comes a flash, a clear and precise thought:

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" Cit. Cassius Clay

Here is the universal imprinting of the Contucci nobles.

Elegance and finesse finds the nose first and then in the mouth, a "Sangiovetic" tannin which, although integrated and pleasantly present, reminds us of the youthful exuberance of this wine, the 2015 version all the more so, which, if is already fun, in a few years it will truly be liquid poetry. (I'll be back in person to check)

Typicality of Sangiovese, where here in Montepulciano becomes Prugnolo Gentile, which is present in every label, with more or less intensity, depth and olfactory notes, in the form of violet.

Air of Tuscany.

And from Toscano doc, or rather docg, we could not fail to close the tasting with a Vin Santo 2006 from white malvasia, trebbiano and grechetto grapes. Delicious.

To summarize , noblesse oblige here translates into the tradition that has its firm roots in the past and in the territory, making the Nobile di Montepulciano di Contucci distinctly unique and "undoubtedly" typical.

As before, in this long series of visits, let's say, it left me enthusiastically, emotionally and completely satisfied.

So, see you soon!

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